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Hogget Lamb

Every year we buy in and rear a batch of organic lambs which we sell by the half hogget lamb for your freezer.

The lambs are a wonderful complement to the hens in the rotation on the farm as they graze the organic pasture which is being rested from poultry.

A hogget lamb is one that has had two summers' grazing. They are slowly matured at grass rather than being rushed to 'finish' like many lambs after just one summer grazing. Consequently, the joints and chops are that much larger and the flavour (we believe!) is 'out of this world'!!! It is still young enough to be cooked like lamb but has much more depth of flavour.

We have a supply of joints/chops in the freezer at the farm but please phone first to check we are here. For really great value at £7/kg we, periodically during the autumn and winter, sell our lambs by the half hogget fresh. Please phone us so we can advise when it will be available.

The butcher hangs the lamb for at least 14 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour. Each half is cut in to leg and shoulder joints, chops and breast and takes up about two drawers in a standard upright freeezer.